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Wedding Favors

The Modern Wedding Favor

modern favorWhether you go with an edible treat (like brownies, cookies, candy or chocolate) or a little treasure to give your guests for a favor, you need to buy something to put that favor in. This can range from small paper or fabric bags to small gift boxes to tulle. Traditional favors use tulle as the material that the bride will put the favor and then she ties a ribbon and card to the bundle.

You can get as creative as you want and let your imagination run wild when you make your favors. If your favor is an edible treat, you will need to cover it somehow, so you might want to put it in a gift box. A small glass or gift box is absolutely perfect for those edible treats.

Look on the Internet and talk with your friends and family to get some ideas about some very unique ways to make your wedding favors. Heck, with all of the information that is floating around in cyberspace, you might find yourself overwhelmed and get some wonderful things to think about. Buying your wedding favor supplies is easy too, as you can get almost anything online. There are so many choices that you might not be able to make up your mind. If you want to give small candles, then try ordering candle plates to go with them as keepsakes.

Have you ever thought of using decorated Chinese take-out boxes as part of your modern wedding favor? This is not as uncommon as you may think. If you are giving wedding fortune cookies, which are a very popular wedding favor, this is just the perfect idea. These are great inside a Chinese take-out wedding favor box. It is easy to match your chosen colors with this neat idea because you can buy these boxes in nearly any color you can think of.

Thinking about using small paper bags to make your favors? Well then you have a great idea. You can buy these small bags in bulk and decorate them any way you choose. Buying in bulk is a great way to keep your expenses down; won’t that look awesome on the table? A clear plastic bag gives soaps or candles a more modern look and looks good at the same time. You can enjoy their beauty without being overpowering by the fragrance(s) at your reception. If you are going for a splash of color, then you might want to think about using small glass jars as your container.

While flowers are not meant to be put in a box or in a bag however, a small vase with your ribbon and card tied to the vase is just perfect! If you plan on giving away real flowers, please make sure you have them in water. Many other things are not meant to be packaged, so make sure that you arrange them on tables in such a way that adds some style and a touch of your style to the tables.


How To Make Your Own Wedding Favors

make your ownWhenever it comes to wedding favors, you will come across endless possibilities. If you can buy your supplies in bulk then you can end up saving a lot of money which is something important. If you explore the internet and start searching wedding favors then you will find that the majority of them would cost somewhere from $1 to $6 per person. If you are planning to buy pre-made favors in bulk then you would end up spending hundreds or even thousands. There is no doubt that you can simply save money on your wedding favors if you make them yourself. The finest thing about making a wedding favors is that you are able to obtain more creativity with them.

Initially, you will have to think on what type of favor you would like. You may want things you can eat or memento of the event for the favor. Whenever you think about food favors, you have a chance to show a lot of creativity. You can make a lot of things from chocolates, candies, and even cookies. If you are wanting to give some chocolates to your guests, along with the chocolates you can simply buy some molds which are easily available at a craft shop for a dollar or two. You can buy some inexpensive chocolates you can melt down and add color to, especially if you use white chocolate. You have an option to put together and make chocolate suckers, spoons, and many more when it comes to chocolate.

Chocolate cookies also offer a lot of possibilities. If you are running short of funds and are on a tight budget then you have the option to make wedding cookies which will look exactly like a cake and which will also have your name along with the wedding date on it, or you can also make bride and grooms with the help of gingerbread people cookie cutters which will look fascinating.

You can buy a cheap cookie cutter and then garnish them to look as a bride or a groom. Whenever you are looking for mementos, it is advisable for you to visit the nearest craft store and look around for ideas. You will also find reasonable prices on baskets and boxes which will look fascinating filled with almonds and topped with a bow.

Whenever it comes to creativity you always have the best option to explore the internet and see what others have done with their wedding favors. You can also search on the internet for wedding favors which can be made at home to get more ideas.

Good wedding favors are simple ideas, so you will be able to make mass quantities of them yourself in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, if the favors require additional work, you can get members of the wedding party, or your family and friends to help you out so you can get hundreds of them made in no time.


A Guide to Choosing and Buying Wedding Favors

guideWedding planning is stressful indeed because of the all of those things that you must get done before your big day! One of these things that you will want to see to yourself is choosing and buying wedding favors. Luckily this is going to be one of the easier tasks.

Wedding favors are the little gifts that the bride and groom give to everyone who comes to the wedding. These are a simple way of thanking your guests for being part of your special day.

These very special little timeless keepsakes hold special significance to the bride or groom. One thought for you grooms is to give your guy friends and guests baseball caps that have your favorite baseball team’s logo and your wedding date. Hey brides why not give your lady friends and guests a small bottle of your favorite perfume. You might also want to make your favors from both of you. These are perfect for everyone and can be as simple as a bookmark that has a special message and your wedding date written on it in gold lettering.

These special little gifts are a reminder of the special memories of your wedding day that you can look back on for many years to come. You need to make sure that your favors are just your style. With so many different styles of weddings nowadays, is it any wonder that couples have a tough time with this? You really do not want your favor (fancy) to upstage your wedding (casual); nor do you want to go the other way—having your casual wedding favors looking out of place at a fancy wedding. What a catastrophe!

You will never go wrong in choosing a traditional wedding favor, as they will never go out of style. Ribbons and chocolates are the most common traditional favors out there. Did you know that ribbons have a historical connection to marriage that goes back to Elizabethan England? The phrase ‘Tying the Knot’ comes from ribbons tied in a knot symbolizing marriage. Royalty used gold and silver ribbons while commoners used blue and white ribbons. Chocolate is a very popular wedding favor. You can either buy or make heart or bell or cake shaped chocolate favors, but please remember that chocolate melts rather quickly on a hot day. You are only limited by your imagination.

If you want to make your own wedding favors, by all means… go ahead, it is your wedding. No one is saying that you absolutely must go with traditional wedding favors. It is your choice if you choose to give something like baskets of homemade baked treats or a silk flower arrangement or exotic soaps or whatever catches your fancy. The idea here is to choose something that will be a special keepsake that personifies you.

If you are looking for the convenience of being able to order those favors in bulk, look no further than your computer and the Internet. All you need to do is type “wedding favors” in a search engine and you will be given plenty of stores to choose from. Remember to order those wedding favors as soon as you both have made your choice. You will need to allow extra time for your favors to be custom made and shipped.

When it comes to the cost, you truly do not need to do something super extravagant (unless your wedding is). The perfect wedding favor is one that says “Thank you for sharing our special day with us.” and reminds you that special feeling every time you look at it.


Holiday Wedding Favors: Unique Favors For Your Special Day

holiday favorsIf you are having a holiday wedding then you might wish to have your wedding favors in a holiday theme. You can have fun and build on this idea as it will be something which will make your wedding celebration more wonderful.

Wrap your favor in holiday colors
A wrapped colored tin which contains chocolate and candies is one of the best ideas. The wrappers can be decorated with different colors and patterns. This is something which doesn’t need much money and also which you can do on your own and customize with your wedding colors or holiday theme colors and decorations.

You can mix different chocolates, which can be wrapped up with unique holiday colored wrappers. You can have the couple’s name and then wedding date stamped, on the outer layer of the wrapper. This is something which will fascinate lot of wedding guests. Just be careful when using chocolate as it will melt if the weather is too hot and your wedding favor will turn into a mess!

Use decorative holiday tins
You can also give holiday tins which are cute and decorated for a special holiday. You can keep a unique and special note inside the tins for all the guests thanking them for their superb help and good wishes. This is a wedding favor which is more personal and something which you can make yourself.

If you are planning to make holiday cookies for your wedding favors then you are on the right track as well. You can make delicious cookies and then garnish them for that particular holiday. You can garnish them by writing the names and the dates of the special day. This is one of the tastiest treats which most of the guests will love.

If you are not interested in making cookies then you can place orders at the bakery which will be a great help to you. You will then be able to wrap the cookies separately so that you can have one for each and every one of your wedding guests.

If you search around on the internet, then you will be able to get many great and cheap holiday wedding favor ideas. Receiving feedback from others is something which will help you in deciding the kind of holiday wedding favors you can use for your holiday wedding.

There are so many cute holiday wedding favors that you can make or have made for you, and you don’t have to get elaborate or spend a lot of money. You can have a cute and unique holiday wedding favor by simply wrapping your gift in the appropriate holiday colors.


Edible Wedding Favors Are Quick And Easy

edible favorsMost people will need to think on wedding favors whenever they are planning a wedding. You can come up with many different things for these wedding favors. Of course, all of us want our wedding favors to be artistic and pleasurable as well as inexpensive and most of all affordable. Not all people have enough in their budget to spend as much as they would like on their wedding day.

Have you ever considered using inexpensive edible wedding favors? You can find various kinds of edible wedding favors for your wedding event. You can think up ideas to impress all of your guests with these edible cheap wedding favors. Deciding on what edible wedding favors to use for your wedding is fun.

There are many things you can do with your edible wedding favors. You can even make them on your own or ask someone to design them for you. Whatever your plan is, you will have to ensure that your wedding favors reflect your wedding’s style and your personality. It is recommended that you research edible wedding favors so that you will know what to do to make your wedding day perfect.

You can find many bakery or cake houses that can create wonderful edible wedding favors. As you go these places, you can get ideas from them and try to come up with some creative ideas of your own until you find the most suitable idea that is perfect for your wedding.

Many people prefer to use cookies as their edible wedding favors. Sugar cookies are mostly used as wedding favors due to its neutral color. The good thing about sugar cookies is that the color can be customized to be the same color as your wedding colors. You could also wrap sugar cookies in cellophane and hand them to all of your guests especially the children. Another edible wedding favor that can be used is lollipops. These wedding favors are unique and attractive. You can customize your names on these lollipops. These customizations can be done by yourself, or at candy stores.

There are many more types of edible wedding favors. There are a few chocolate shops can make special wedding chocolates that are wrapped with your wedding dates and your name on them. Other than that, you also can buy customized wrappers online at reasonable prices and wrap it on the candy you buy from any local candy or chocolates shop yourself. What a way to save money for your wedding day!

By choosing edible wedding favors, you will be able to provide your guests with cute, color coordinated favors that are inexpensive and tasty too. They are sure to be a hit among all ages.